Définition des "cliques" : C'est un groupe de personnes qui interagissent et partagent des intérêts similaires. Les membres de ce groupe créent souvent leur propre code vestimentaire et communiquent les uns avec les autres de manière unique. En voici quelques exemples : 


Adolescent cliques Description

Punk Girls

Mohawk hairstyle : shaved scalp with an upright strip of hair running across the crown of the head from the forehead to the nape of the neck.
Gelled and spiky : Gel et pointe
A safety pin : Épingle de sûreté
Studded : Clouté
A lock : Mèche

Goth Girls

Bunches : Couettes
Eyeliner / lipstick / nail polish : Eyeliner / rouge à lèvres / vernis à ongles
Spiked chockers / spiked barcelets : Tour de cou à pointes / bracelets à pointes
Net mitts : Mitaines en résille
Torn : Déchiré

Emo punk

To dye one's hair red : jet black hair with possible brighter colors such as blue ...
Shaggy hair :
A modern hairstyle with more layers on the top of the head than the bottom.
Tight jeans : Jeans serrés
Under sized clothing :  Vêtements serrés
Their emotions are reflected in their appearance : dark clothing, streaked bangs, and tattoos and piercings.
Their style has its roots in punk culture, which tended to be more rebellious, and goth which was darker and gloomier.

Nerd / geek

Glasses : lunettes
Tousled hair :
cheveux ébouriffés
They are obsessed and often have superior knowledge or devotion to something.
They may be introverted, and they often do well in school


Outdoor clothes
Ripped :
Baggy : Bouffant
Unkempt hair : Cheveux en bataille
Dirty : sale

Hippie Potheads

Headband : Bandeau
Unkempt hair : Cheveux négligés
Fringed clothes : Vêtements à franges
Hipsters : pantalon taille basse
Bell bottom jeans : pantalons à pattes d'éléphant

Hard rockers

Leather : cuir
Skull and cross bones : Crâne et Croix en os.
They tend to wear band T-shirt, lots of jewerlry, and baggy or tight jeans and are usually listenining music.
They live according to the Rock and Roll lifestyle : Sex, drugs and music.



Hood : capuche

Baseball cap
Silver / platinum


Beanie :
Skateboarders who came along and borrowed the long hair and slacker trappings of the surf scene, but they have always been more rebellious.


Straw hat
Lycra shirt


Muscular / Well-built
Team jacket

They live for athetics, tend to be popular with many of their peers. They may be the male equivalent of "mean girls".


School girl skirt
Pleated : plissé 
Plaid : tartan
Collar shirt

Cardigan : gilet
Sports shirt

Piercings and tatoos

Navel piercing
Tongue piercing
Ear lobes piercing
Nose piercing
face piercing
Painful :
Lip piercing


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