Le service de messagerie SMS, plus connu sous le sigle de SMS (pour « Short Message Service ») ou les noms de « texto » ou de « mini message », permet de transmettre de courts messages textuels. Voici une liste des sigles SMS les plus connus en anglais, impossible désormais de ne plus comprendre un message de votre correspondant anglais. testez vos connaissances avec cet exercice.

& and
0 nothing
2 two, to, too
2DAY today
A a / an
B be
B4 B4
BC because
BF boyfriend
BK back
BRO brother
BT but
C see
D8 date
DNR dinner
EZ easy
F8  fate
GF girlfriend
GR8  great
HOLS  holidays
HV  have
I, it
Its  it is
KDS  kids
L8  late
L8R  later
M8  mate
NE1  anyone
PLS  please
PS  parents
QT  cutie
SIS  sister
SKOOL  school
SMMR  summer
WR  were
A3  anyplace, anytime, anywhere
ASAP  as soon as possible
B4N  Bye for now
BAU  business as usual
BRB  I'll be right back
BTW  by the way
CUL  see you later
CWOT complete waste of time
FTF  face to face
FYI  for your information
GMTA  great minds think alike
HAND  have a nice day
HRU  how are you
ICBW  it could be worse
IDTS  I don't think so
IMHO  in my humble opinion
IYKWIM  if you know what I mean
JK  just kidding
KOTC  kiss on the cheek
LOL  laughing out loud
LSKOL  long slow kiss on the lips
LTNS  long time no see
Luv U I love you
Luv U2 I love you too
MON  the middle of nowhere
MTE  my thoughts exactly
MU  I miss you
MUSM  I miss you so much
NP  no problem
OIC oh, I see
PC&QT peace and quiet
PCM  please call me
ROTFL  rolling on the floor laughing
RUOK  are you ok?
THNQ  thank you
U4E  you forever
UROK  you are okay
WUCIWUG  what you see is what you get
WYSIWYG  what you see is what you get
XLNT  excellent
:-) smiling
:-* kiss
:-)) very happy
:-0 shocked
:") blushing
:-| :-| deja vu
(_x_) kiss my arse/butt
<:3 )~ mouse
:@) pig
:’-) tears of laughter
:-P stick tongue out
:-(*) you make me sick
x-( you are mad
:-" whistling
;-) wink
:-@ screaming
 O:-) saintly
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