Cours d'anglais : Conversation en Anglais, Ted et Betty vont au restaurant (Unit 29), Betty propose à Ted de manger au restaurant, ils choisissent ensemble ce qu'ils veulent manger.

Betty: Do you want to go to the restaurant?
Ted: Yes. That’s a good idea.
Betty: Where do you want to go?
Ted: We can go to the chinese restaurant.
Betty: Or we can go to the indian.
Ted: Or we can go to the italian restaurant.
Betty: Let’s go to the italian.
Ted: Alright. The italian restaurant is only 15 miles away.
Betty: We can be there in 25 minutes.
Ted: Great, let's take our shoes and coats.
Betty: I'll eat a pizza with cheese and mushrooms.
Ted: I'm going to eat spaghetti!

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