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Extrait du film "Meet Joe Black".

Parrish: I thought I was going to sneak away tonight.

What a glorious night.

Every face I see is a memory.

It may not be a perfectly perfect memory.

Sometimes we had our ups and downs.

But we're all together and you're mine for a night.

And I'm going to break precedent and tell you my one-candle wish:

That you would have a life as lucky as mine,

where you can wake up one morning and say,

"I don't want anything more."

...Sixty-five years.

Don't they go by in a blink....

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Vocabulaireto sneak away: se faufiler
a memory: un souvenir
we had our ups and downs: nous avons eu des hauts et des bas
together: ensemble
the wish: le souhait
to be lucky: avoir de la chance

to wake up: se réveiller


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