Conversation avec Ted et Betty, petits dialogues de la vie de tout les jours. Apprendre l'anglais facilement avec des conversations simples et courtes dans des situations que vous pouvez rencontrer. Ted et Betty vont au restaurant.



Betty: Do you want to go to the restaurant?
Ted: Yes. That’s a good idea.
Betty: Where do you want to go?
Ted: We can go to the chinese restaurant.
Betty: Or we can go to the indian.
Ted: Or we can go to the italian restaurant.
Betty: Let’s go to the italian.
Ted: Alright. The italian restaurant is only 15 miles away.
Betty: We can be there in 25 minutes.
Ted: Great, let's take our shoes and coats.
Betty: I'll eat a pizza with cheese and mushrooms.
Ted: I'm going to eat spaghetti!

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