Conversation avec Ted et Betty, petits dialogues de la vie de tout les jours. Apprendre l'anglais facilement avec des conversations simples et courtes dans des situations que vous pouvez rencontrer. Ted et Betty se trouvent dans une boutique de vêtements, Ted aide Betty à choisir une Jupe.



Betty: I like that skirt.
Ted: So do I.
Betty: How much is it?
Ted: I don't know. The tag is missing.
Betty: Ask the seller.
Ted: I will. You'd better try it on first.
Betty: Oh, look. Here is another skirt just like it.
Ted: Does it have a price tag?
Betty: Yes, it does. It's only $15.
Ted: That's not expensive.
Betty: I think I'll buy the second one.
Ted: Great, good choice!

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